Uni-Cal 120 mg: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects


Uni-Cal 120 mg stands as a pivotal advancement in the realm of nutritional supplements, offering a potent solution for various health needs. This meticulously formulated product represents a harmonious fusion of efficacy and precision, catering to the specific requirements of individuals seeking optimal calcium support.

Uni-Cal Benefits

Uni-Cal Benefits” is a comprehensive benefits program designed to provide a range of advantages to employees and individuals associated with the University of California (Uni-Cal). These benefits encompass various aspects, including health insurance coverage, retirement plans, educational assistance, and more. Uni-Cal Benefits aim to support the well-being and overall satisfaction of its members by offering competitive health care options, investment opportunities, and educational resources. The program is structured to enhance the quality of life for those affiliated with the University of California through a diverse and inclusive range of benefits.

Uni-Cal Supplement

Uni-Cal Supplement BenefitsDescription
1. Nutritional EnrichmentProvides essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium, crucial for bone health and overall wellness.
2. Digestive SupportContains probiotics aiding in better digestion and gut health, promoting nutrient absorption.
3. Energy BoostEnhances energy levels through the inclusion of B-vitamins, contributing to increased vitality.
4. Immune System StrengtheningContains antioxidants and vitamins, supporting a robust immune system and overall health.
5. Convenience & VersatilityEasy-to-consume format, versatile in application, suitable for various dietary preferences.

Uni-Cal Supplement offers a range of benefits, from fundamental nutritional support to aiding in energy levels and immune health. Its composition allows for easy incorporation into various lifestyles, promoting overall wellness.

Uni-Cal Uses

Certainly, Uni-Cal is a nutritional supplement that serves as a convenient and effective way to support overall health. It’s formulated to provide a balanced combination of essential vitamins and minerals, aiding in various bodily functions. The benefits of Uni-Cal include supporting bone health, enhancing immune function, and aiding in proper muscle and nerve function. This supplement is particularly advantageous for individuals with deficiencies or those seeking to maintain their overall health and well-being.

Uni-Cal Dosage

Age GroupDosage
6 months – 1 year1 teaspoon (5 mL) per day
1 – 3 years2 teaspoons (10 mL) per day
4 – 8 years3 teaspoons (15 mL) per day
9 – 12 years4 teaspoons (20 mL) per day
Adults1 tablespoon (15 mL) per day

Uni-Cal dosage may vary based on specific health conditions, so consulting a healthcare professional is recommended for accurate and personalized dosing.

Uni-Cal Side Effects

Uni-Cal is a nutritional supplement that combines calcium and vitamin D to support bone health. While generally safe, potential side effects may include constipation or upset stomach due to its calcium content. It’s advised to follow recommended dosage to mitigate these effects. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

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