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The regalia worn by doctoral graduates at Michigan State University (MSU) holds a significant tradition and symbolizes the academic achievement and expertise attained through years of rigorous study and research. The MSU doctoral regalia encompasses distinctive elements such as the gown, hood, and cap, each bearing unique features that denote the wearer’s field of study, institution, and level of education. These ceremonial garments embody a sense of pride and accomplishment, serving as a visual representation of the dedication and scholarly pursuit undertaken during the doctoral journey at MSU.

MSU Doctoral Regalia


Michigan State University (MSU) is a renowned educational institution that offers various doctoral programs across different fields of study. As part of their academic achievements, MSU doctoral graduates proudly wear regalia during commencement ceremonies and other significant academic events.

Doctoral Regalia Components:

The MSU doctoral regalia consists of several key components:

  • Gown: The gown is typically black and made from high-quality fabric. It is designed with bell-shaped sleeves to differentiate it from the gowns worn by graduates of lower academic degrees.
  • Hood: The hood represents the field of study in which the graduate has earned their doctoral degree. It is lined with MSU’s official green and white colors, along with distinctive satin panels and velvet trim.
  • Tam: The tam is a traditional cap worn by MSU doctoral graduates. It features a velvet band and a gold silk tassel, symbolizing the scholarly achievement.


The MSU doctoral regalia holds great significance as it symbolizes the scholarly accomplishments and expertise of the graduates. It is a visual representation of the years of dedication, hard work, and intellectual pursuit required to attain a doctoral degree at MSU.

Wearing the Regalia:

During commencement ceremonies, MSU doctoral graduates wear their regalia with pride. The gown is worn over appropriate attire, while the hood is placed around the neck and drapes down the back. The tam is worn securely on the head.

Celebrating Academic Achievement:

The MSU doctoral regalia plays a significant role in the celebration of academic achievement. It creates a sense of unity among graduates and distinguishes them as experts in their respective fields. The regalia also adds to the grandeur of commencement ceremonies, where proud families, friends, and faculty gather to honor the accomplishments of these scholars.

The MSU doctoral regalia is a symbol of excellence, knowledge, and dedication. It represents the culmination of years of rigorous study and research for those who have earned their doctoral degrees at Michigan State University. Wearing the regalia during commencement ceremonies allows graduates to proudly display their academic achievements while celebrating their scholarly journey.

Michigan State University Doctoral Regalia

When it comes to academic achievements, the doctoral regalia holds a significant place. Michigan State University (MSU), located in East Lansing, Michigan, has its own distinctive regalia for doctoral graduates.

The regalia worn by doctoral graduates at MSU consists of several key elements: a gown, a hood, and a cap. The gown is typically black and made of high-quality fabric such as silk or polyester. It features long, bell-shaped sleeves and is open at the front. The sleeves may have velvet panels or decorative bands to indicate the field of study or discipline.

The hood, an integral part of the regalia, is worn draped around the neck and over the shoulders. At MSU, the hood is green, which represents the university’s official color. The lining of the hood displays the university’s colors, which are green and white. Additionally, the hood is trimmed with velvet or satin, symbolizing the graduate’s specific field of study.

The cap worn by MSU doctoral graduates is usually a black mortarboard-style cap made from the same material as the gown. It is adorned with a tassel, which is typically black or green, representing the university’s colors. Traditionally, the tassel is worn on the right side of the cap before the degree is officially conferred and moved to the left side afterward.

It is important for doctoral graduates to wear the appropriate regalia during commencement ceremonies, as it signifies their academic accomplishments and distinguishes them as scholars in their respective fields. Michigan State University takes pride in its distinct regalia, which adds to the solemnity and grandeur of the graduation ceremony.

Doctoral Regalia for MSU Graduates


Doctoral regalia holds significant importance in academic ceremonies, symbolizing the achievements and expertise of graduates. Michigan State University (MSU) follows a specific set of guidelines and traditions regarding the attire worn by its doctoral graduates.

Components of Doctoral Regalia:

The doctoral regalia for MSU graduates consists of several key elements:

  • Gown: The gown is typically black with bell-shaped sleeves and velvet panels on the front.
  • Hood: The hood represents the field of study and features the university’s colors, as well as a silk lining in the school’s official colors.
  • Cap: A mortarboard cap is worn, usually black, with a tassel that can be customized based on the graduate’s discipline or university tradition.

Guidelines for Wearing Doctoral Regalia:

When wearing doctoral regalia for MSU graduates, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  1. The gown should be fully closed at the front, with the velvet panels displaying properly.
  2. The hood should be draped over the shoulders with the school’s official colors displayed outward.
  3. The cap should be worn level on the head, with the tassel usually positioned on the left side prior to the degree being conferred.

Significance of Doctoral Regalia:

Doctoral regalia serves as a visual representation of academic achievement and expertise. It signifies the completion of an advanced degree and highlights the commitment, dedication, and scholarly contributions made by MSU graduates.

For MSU graduates, wearing the appropriate doctoral regalia is an essential aspect of academic ceremonies. By adhering to the guidelines and traditions set forth by the university, graduates demonstrate their accomplishment and dedication to scholarly pursuits.

Where to Buy MSU Doctoral Regalia

If you are a graduate or soon-to-be graduate of Michigan State University (MSU) and need to acquire doctoral regalia for your commencement ceremony, there are several reliable options available.

1. MSU Bookstore: The official MSU Bookstore is a convenient option for purchasing doctoral regalia. Located on the MSU campus, the bookstore offers a range of academic attire, including caps, gowns, hoods, and tassels specifically tailored to MSU’s academic dress guidelines.

2. Online Retailers: Various online retailers specialize in providing graduation regalia, including doctoral attire. These websites often offer a wide selection of customizable options, allowing you to choose the appropriate regalia based on your degree program and institution. Ensure that the retailer you choose provides high-quality regalia that meets MSU’s specific requirements.

3. Graduation Supply Companies: Many graduation supply companies cater to universities across the United States and offer a comprehensive range of academic attire. These companies work closely with educational institutions and can provide MSU-approved regalia. Ensure that you communicate your specific needs and follow any customization instructions provided by these suppliers.

When considering where to buy MSU doctoral regalia, it is essential to prioritize quality, accuracy, and adherence to institutional guidelines. Make sure to allow sufficient time for ordering and delivery, especially during busy graduation seasons. By selecting a reputable source, you can confidently wear the appropriate regalia that reflects your achievement as an MSU graduate.

How to Wear MSU Doctoral Regalia

Wearing the appropriate academic regalia is an essential part of the graduation ceremony, symbolizing the accomplishments and academic achievements of individuals. Michigan State University (MSU) follows specific guidelines for wearing doctoral regalia. Here’s a concise guide on how to properly wear MSU doctoral regalia:

1. Gown:

The gown should be made of black fabric, open at the front, with long, bell-shaped sleeves. The front panels should have velvet bands in the color associated with your field of study.

2. Hood:

The hood should be worn over the gown and will display the colors of your university and the lining color that represents your degree. The hood should hang evenly down the back, with the larger part placed over the shoulders.

3. Cap:

Wear a traditional mortarboard cap, which should be black and made of cloth. Position the cap so that it sits squarely on your head, with the tassel positioned on the right side before the ceremony begins.

4. Tassel:

The tassel should be attached to the mortarboard cap. At MSU, the tassel color typically reflects the academic discipline or college affiliation. During the ceremony, move the tassel from the right side to the left once you receive your diploma.

5. Attire:

Underneath the regalia, wear appropriate formal attire, such as a white shirt or blouse, dark pants or skirt, and dress shoes. Avoid wearing casual or brightly colored clothing that might detract from the significance of the regalia.

6. Accessories:

Keep accessories minimal and tasteful. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry, large pins, or distracting elements that could shift attention away from the regalia and the ceremonial significance of the event.

By following these guidelines, you will ensure a professional and respectful appearance while wearing MSU doctoral regalia during your graduation ceremony. Celebrate your academic accomplishments with pride!

Renting MSU Doctoral Regalia

When it comes to academic achievements, earning a doctoral degree is a significant milestone. At Michigan State University (MSU), as in many other institutions, the regalia worn during commencement ceremonies holds great importance and symbolism. Doctoral regalia typically includes a gown, hood, and cap, each representing the graduate’s academic accomplishments.

For individuals who wish to rent MSU doctoral regalia, the university provides options to ensure an appropriate and memorable commencement experience. Renting regalia offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: Renting regalia eliminates the need for graduates to purchase and store their own set of regalia, which can be expensive and may not be frequently used.
  • Style and Tradition: By renting from the university, graduates can be confident in wearing regalia that adheres to MSU’s specific standards and traditions, ensuring a cohesive and dignified appearance among all participants.
  • Care and Maintenance: The responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the regalia falls on the rental provider, relieving graduates of any additional tasks or concerns.

To rent MSU doctoral regalia, graduates are advised to follow these general steps:

  1. Contact the University Bookstore: Reach out to the MSU University Bookstore, which typically handles regalia rentals, well in advance of the commencement ceremony to inquire about availability and reservation procedures.
  2. Provide Required Information: Furnish the bookstore with details like your full name, height, and degree information to ensure the proper fit and accurate identification of regalia components.
  3. Pick-Up and Return: Arrange for the pick-up of the regalia at the designated time and location specified by the bookstore. Remember to adhere to the return deadlines and any associated fees for late returns.

By renting MSU doctoral regalia, graduates can participate in commencement with pride, embracing the traditions of their academic journey while minimizing logistical complexities. It’s important to consult the official MSU resources or contact the University Bookstore directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on regalia rental procedures.

MSU Doctoral Regalia Colors

In academic ceremonies, including graduation and commencement events, doctoral regalia plays an important role in symbolizing the achievements of individuals who have earned their doctoral degrees. Michigan State University (MSU) follows a specific color scheme for its doctoral regalia, which adds significance and distinction to the attire.

The regalia typically consists of three main components: the gown, hood, and tam. The color of the gown and tam for MSU doctoral graduates is dark green, reflecting the university’s official color. However, it’s the hood that carries the most prominent symbolism in terms of colors.

The colors used in the hood lining represent the field of study or discipline in which the individual has earned their doctorate. MSU follows the Intercollegiate Code, which assigns specific colors to different academic disciplines. Here are some examples:

Discipline Color
Arts, Letters, Humanities White
Education Light Blue
Science Golden Yellow
Engineering Orange
Business Administration Drab

These are just a few examples, and there are additional colors assigned for various fields of study. The specific color of the lining indicates the academic discipline in which the individual has achieved their doctoral degree.

It is essential to note that while these colors hold significance within the academic community, they may vary between universities. Therefore, it is always recommended for graduates to refer to their institution’s guidelines and regulations regarding doctoral regalia colors.

By adhering to these color traditions, MSU ensures that its doctoral graduates are recognized not only for their overall academic accomplishments but also for their specialized knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Custom MSU Doctoral Regalia

When it comes to academic achievements and graduation ceremonies, regalia plays a significant role in symbolizing the accomplishments of individuals. Michigan State University (MSU) offers custom doctoral regalia options for its graduates, adding a touch of distinction and personalization to their academic attire.

The custom MSU doctoral regalia allows graduates to showcase their affiliation with the university while expressing their individuality. This regalia typically includes a gown, hood, and cap, each customized to reflect the specific academic achievements and field of study of the graduate.

The gown is tailored to meet MSU’s guidelines and specifications, featuring the official colors and design elements associated with the university. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a polished appearance during commencement ceremonies.

The hood, which is worn over the gown, represents the discipline and degree earned by the graduate. Customization options include color variations that correspond to the academic field of study, as well as velvet trim and satin lining choices. The hood’s length and shape also vary depending on the level of the degree attained.

Completing the custom regalia ensemble is the cap, also known as the mortarboard. The cap typically features a black fabric with a flat, square-shaped top adorned with a tassel. However, graduates may have the option to customize the tassel or incorporate additional embellishments to further personalize their regalia.

By offering custom MSU doctoral regalia, the university recognizes the importance of celebrating each graduate’s unique academic journey. This personalized attire not only enhances the ceremonial experience but also serves as a lasting memento of the individual’s accomplishments at MSU.

Overall, the custom MSU doctoral regalia provides graduates with an opportunity to proudly represent their alma mater while celebrating their academic achievements in a distinctive and personalized manner.

MSU Doctoral Hood Colors

When it comes to doctoral academic regalia, such as hoods, Michigan State University (MSU) follows a tradition of using specific colors to represent different fields of study. These colors serve as visual identifiers, distinguishing one discipline from another during graduation ceremonies.

The hood is an integral part of the academic dress worn by individuals receiving a doctoral degree. It is a garment that drapes around the neck and shoulders, with its length and width indicating the type and level of the degree being conferred. The colors displayed on the inner lining of the hood are what differentiate MSU’s doctoral graduates based on their area of specialization.

At MSU, the official color scheme for doctoral hoods aligns with the broader academic regalia guidelines established by the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume. The color assigned to each field of study is known as the “trim” color and is prominently displayed on the velvet band that runs down the center of the hood.

Here are some examples of the trim colors used for various disciplines at MSU:

Discipline Trim Color
Agriculture Maize
Engineering Orange
Education Light Blue
Business Drab
Humanities White
Natural Sciences Gold Yellow

It is important to note that the trim color is only one aspect of the hood’s design. The overall color of the hood shell and the satin lining may vary based on the institution or specific doctoral program.

By adhering to these established color conventions, MSU ensures that the academic regalia worn by its doctoral graduates reflects their respective fields of expertise and contributes to the visual pageantry of graduation ceremonies.

MSU Doctoral Gown and Cap

The Michigan State University (MSU) doctoral gown and cap hold significant importance in the graduation attire worn by students who have successfully completed their doctoral degrees at MSU. These traditional garments symbolize the academic achievements and scholarly accomplishments of the graduates.

The doctoral gown is a distinctive robe made from high-quality materials, typically black in color. It features wide velvet panels on the front, down the full length of the gown, and three velvet bars on each sleeve. The number of bars represents the academic discipline or field of study in which the graduate obtained their doctoral degree.

Accompanying the gown is the doctoral cap, also known as a tam or mortarboard. The cap usually matches the gown’s color and is adorned with a tassel. The tassel may be black or designed to match the graduate’s specific field of study. During the commencement ceremony, it is customary for the graduates to wear the tassel on the right side of the cap and then shift it to the left side upon receiving their diploma.

Both the gown and cap are worn to signify the scholarly achievement of earning a doctoral degree. They serve as a visual representation of the individual’s dedication to advanced research, knowledge, and expertise in their chosen academic field.

It is important to note that the MSU doctoral gown and cap adhere to specific guidelines and should be worn accordingly during official graduation ceremonies. The precise details may vary, so it is advisable for graduates to consult the university’s official guidelines and instructions regarding the proper attire.

Overall, the MSU doctoral gown and cap are esteemed symbols of academic excellence, representing the culmination of years of rigorous study and research. Graduates proudly wear these garments as they celebrate their remarkable accomplishments and embark on new journeys as scholars and professionals in their respective fields.

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