EU Digital Passenger Locator Form


Although some European countries have removed the obligation, some still require the EU digital passenger locator form to be filled out before each flight. And according to some opinions, this form makes it easier to access the personal information of the passengers and the data can be accessed more easily. It is also said that this form is used in association with the covid-19 disease. In addition, the purpose of these forms is:

  • – To enable people at risk of communicable diseases to be followed more easily thanks to their travel information.
  • – Identifying passengers at risk of contact and taking precautions accordingly.
  • – To determine the source country when a disease occurs, thanks to travel information.

Many countries have removed the requirement to use this form. However, whether this form is required or not is shown on the European Commission website, and you can easily get information about whether it is required by checking here before the trip.

EU Digital Passenger Locator Form dplf PDF

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The form has been taken out of use by countries, respectively, for a long time. However, there are still some European countries that still use it. Therefore, the EU digital passenger locator form dplf pdf format can be downloaded here. In addition, by completing this form online, it is possible to be ready for the flight by completing the procedures even just a few minutes before the flight.

Although it is associated with the global epidemic, it should be noted that some people also say that this form is used by travel companies to more easily collect and process personal information and data on travelers’ itineraries. It is also possible to fill out and upload this form digitally, so you can handle your work on your own and be ready for travel without wasting much time and dealing with areas such as the airport.

EU Digital Passenger Locator Form Italy

Currently, in Italy, like some of the European countries, the EU digital passenger locator form Italy. Because, in some countries, it is still required and obligatory to fill out this form both when entering and leaving to track and detect infectious diseases and contact passengers. Otherwise, unfortunately, bans are imposed by the state when entering and leaving the country, and travel is not allowed. Moreover, after filling out the form:

  • – A digital copy of the form should be retained and retained, even if completed electronically.
  • – You must have a copy of the completed forms with you.
  • – In addition, at least one of the official documents such as an ID/passport must be with you and must match the information of the person on the form.

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