CDC Passenger Attestation Form


For all people who came to the United States of America due to the pandemic, they demand proof of their negative results within the scope of covid 19 measures and the approved form. Therefore, the CDC attestation form is, in its simplest form, a test application form that has been published by the control and disease prevention center and is still in effect. In addition, before filling out this form, it is necessary to know:

  • This form must be filled in for all passengers aged 2 and over. (Parents of young children can fill in.)
  • Vaccine-related information is requested, and the form has the feature of an official document.
  • Correct information must be entered in the CDC passenger attestation form because control is provided through the system before the trip, otherwise your entry to the country may be blocked.

If you are filling the CDC attestation form American airlines, the first part of the form on your own behalf, you must fill in the upper left part, and on the right side of someone else, you must fill in the part written ‘behalf of’. While the Covid 19 test is not requested for people who are fully vaccinated, the PCR test is requested for those who are missing and must have been done within the last 90 days. Today, the USA requires this test as necessary and requires it from all passengers arriving by air, sea, or land. In addition, the attestation form CDC can be extracted online, filled out, and uploaded to the system.

CDC Attestation Form PDF

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Today, this form is mandatory for people visiting the USA. Therefore, you can download the CDC attestation form pdf here and even have detailed information on how to fill it out. Detailed information about what should be done in which part of the document and all the rules are clearly visible. Proof of a negative test result is required if you do not qualify for the vaccine. So, if your vaccinations are complete and internationally valid, this form will be just a procedure.

CDC Attestation Form Online

There are fields to be considered while filling out the form. Even if there is no prior Covid test for people between the ages of 2 and 17, a guarantee is required that they will remain in quarantine for 5 days after entering the country and will comply with the covid measures. In addition, penalties may be imposed if they do not comply with this ban after entering the country. For this reason, the CDC attestation form online must be filled out and uploaded. This form is mandatory for anyone entering US territory.

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