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Welcome to Camdenton, Missouri, a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking a memorable experience on the greens. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Ozark Mountains and the sparkling waters of the Lake of the Ozarks, Camdenton boasts a selection of exceptional golf courses that cater to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer in search of a challenging championship course or a beginner looking to hone your skills, Camdenton’s golfing destinations offer a diverse range of meticulously maintained fairways, stunning vistas, and top-notch amenities. Get ready to tee off and immerse yourself in the remarkable golfing offerings that await you in Camdenton, MO.

Camdenton, MO Golf Courses

Camdenton, Missouri is home to several exceptional golf courses that attract both locals and visitors alike. With its picturesque landscapes and challenging fairways, Camdenton offers a memorable golfing experience for players of all skill levels.

1. Old Kinderhook Golf Course

The Old Kinderhook Golf Course is a championship-level course designed by Tom Weiskopf. It features 18 meticulously crafted holes that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Ozarks. The course offers stunning views of the surrounding hills, lakes, and forests, creating an unforgettable golfing adventure.

2. Lake Valley Golf & Country Club

Lake Valley Golf & Country Club is another premier golf course in Camdenton. This 18-hole course was designed by Floyd Farley and offers a challenging layout, with water hazards and strategically placed bunkers. Golfers can enjoy the serene atmosphere and scenic views as they navigate through the course.

3. The Cove Golf Course

Located at the Lodge of Four Seasons, The Cove Golf Course is a beautiful resort-style course that overlooks the Lake of the Ozarks. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., this course provides a mix of wide fairways and undulating greens, making it suitable for players of all abilities. The breathtaking lake views add to the overall allure of the course.

4. Deer Chase Golf Club

Deer Chase Golf Club offers a unique golfing experience with its unmatched natural surroundings. This 18-hole public course is nestled amidst the rolling hills and dense woods of the Ozarks. Players can expect challenging fairways, water hazards, and impeccable greens that test their skills while enjoying the tranquility of the countryside.

Camdenton, MO boasts a diverse range of golf courses that provide not only a challenging game but also an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the region. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, these courses offer an enjoyable and memorable golfing experience in Camdenton.

Best Golf Courses in Camdenton, MO

Camdenton, Missouri is home to several exceptional golf courses that offer breathtaking scenery and challenging gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your skills, these courses provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

1. Old Kinderhook Golf Course

Located within the picturesque Old Kinderhook Resort, the Old Kinderhook Golf Course stands out as one of the top golfing destinations in Camdenton. This Tom Weiskopf-designed course features lush fairways, undulating greens, and strategically placed hazards that will test golfers of all skill levels.

2. Lake Valley Golf & Country Club

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Valley Golf & Country Club offers a challenging yet scenic golfing experience. This 18-hole course was designed by Bob Dunning and presents a variety of holes that require strategic shot placement and accurate ball control.

3. The Golf Club at Deer Chase

The Golf Club at Deer Chase is known for its stunning natural surroundings and well-maintained fairways. Nestled amidst rolling hills and dense forests, this course offers a serene playing environment. With its diverse layout and challenging greens, it provides an enjoyable experience for golfers of all abilities.

4. Bear Creek Valley Golf Club

Located just a short drive from Camdenton, the Bear Creek Valley Golf Club boasts a scenic setting with panoramic views of the Ozark Mountains. This 18-hole championship course is renowned for its pristine conditions and challenging design, making it a favorite among both locals and visitors.

5. Lake Ozark Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

While not a traditional golf course, the Lake Ozark Helicopter Golf Ball Drop is a popular event among golf enthusiasts in Camdenton. Participants have the opportunity to purchase numbered golf balls, which are then dropped from a helicopter onto a designated target area. Prizes are awarded based on where the balls land, adding an element of excitement to this unique golfing experience.

Golf Clubs in Camdenton, Missouri

Golf enthusiasts in Camdenton, Missouri have access to several excellent golf clubs that provide exceptional playing experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, these clubs offer well-maintained courses and top-notch facilities.

One notable golf club in Camdenton is the Lake Valley Golf & Country Club. This picturesque club features an 18-hole championship course designed to challenge players of all skill levels. With beautiful views of the surrounding lake and rolling hills, Lake Valley provides a scenic backdrop for an enjoyable round of golf.

Another popular option is the Old Kinderhook Golf Course. Located within the luxurious Old Kinderhook Resort, this course offers a challenging layout amidst stunning natural beauty. The well-manicured fairways and greens, along with strategically placed water hazards and bunkers, make it a favorite among golfers seeking both excitement and serenity.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly golf club, consider Dogwood Hills Golf Resort. This club not only features a well-designed course but also provides accommodations, dining options, and recreational activities for the whole family. It’s an ideal destination for those who want to combine their love for golf with a relaxing vacation.

For avid golfers seeking variety, the The Club at Porto Cima is worth mentioning. This private club boasts a Jack Nicklaus signature design and offers breathtaking views of the Lake of the Ozarks. With multiple courses and exclusive amenities, it provides an upscale golf experience for its members and guests.

Public Golf Courses in Camdenton, MO

Camdenton, Missouri offers several public golf courses for enthusiasts of all skill levels. These courses provide beautiful settings and challenging fairways, making them popular destinations for both locals and visitors.

  • Old Kinderhook Golf Course: Located in the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks region, Old Kinderhook Golf Course offers an exceptional golfing experience. Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this 18-hole course showcases stunning views of the surrounding countryside and features strategic bunkering and undulating greens.
  • Lake Valley Golf Club: Nestled on the shores of the Big Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Valley Golf Club is a scenic 18-hole course that combines natural beauty with a challenging layout. The course boasts tree-lined fairways, water hazards, and well-manicured greens, providing an enjoyable round for golfers of all abilities.
  • The Oaks Golf Course: Situated within Tan-Tar-A Resort, The Oaks Golf Course presents a picturesque setting with rolling hills and mature oak trees. Designed by Bruce Devlin and Robert von Hagge, this 18-hole course offers a mix of open and wooded holes, demanding accurate shots and strategic course management.

In addition to these prominent courses, Camdenton, MO has other public golf options, allowing golf enthusiasts to explore various playing experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your skills, these courses in Camdenton are sure to offer an enjoyable and memorable golfing experience.

Camdenton MO Golf Resorts

Golf enthusiasts looking for a memorable golfing experience in the beautiful state of Missouri should consider visiting Camdenton. Located in the heart of the Ozarks, Camdenton is home to several exceptional golf resorts that cater to players of all skill levels.

One of the prominent golf resorts in Camdenton is the [Resort Name]. This resort offers a picturesque setting with well-maintained courses designed to challenge and delight golfers. With stunning views of the surrounding natural landscapes and top-notch facilities, it provides an ideal destination for both recreational and professional golfers.

Another notable golf resort in Camdenton is the [Resort Name]. This resort boasts meticulously crafted courses designed by renowned architects, ensuring a unique and enjoyable golfing experience. In addition to the challenging fairways and greens, visitors can take advantage of the resort’s luxurious amenities, such as spas, restaurants, and accommodation options.

For those seeking a comprehensive golfing experience, Camdenton MO golf resorts go beyond just golf. Many resorts offer additional activities and amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers, to enhance guests’ overall stay and provide entertainment options for non-golfers.

Whether you are a passionate golfer or simply looking to unwind amidst scenic surroundings, Camdenton MO golf resorts offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy the sport while enjoying the beauty of Missouri’s landscape. From well-designed courses to luxurious amenities, these resorts strive to provide an unforgettable golf vacation for every visitor.

  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of the Ozarks while playing golf at Camdenton MO golf resorts.
  • Experience professionally designed courses that challenge and inspire golfers of all levels.
  • Indulge in luxurious amenities such as spas, restaurants, and accommodation options.
  • Enjoy additional activities like swimming, tennis, and fitness facilities available at these resorts.
  • Create lasting memories with a golf vacation that combines relaxation and recreation in Camdenton MO.

Top-Rated Golf Courses in Camdenton, MO

Golf enthusiasts visiting Camdenton, Missouri, are in for a treat with several top-rated golf courses available in the area. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your skills, these courses provide an exceptional golfing experience amidst the natural beauty of Camdenton.

  • Lake Valley Golf Club: Located on a picturesque landscape, Lake Valley Golf Club is known for its challenging yet rewarding 18-hole course. With well-maintained fairways, strategically placed hazards, and breathtaking views of the surrounding lake, this course offers a memorable golfing adventure.
  • The Oaks Golf Course: Nestled among rolling hills, The Oaks Golf Course is renowned for its pristine greens and stunning scenery. This 18-hole championship course presents an enjoyable challenge for players of all skill levels while providing an immersive experience in nature.
  • Old Kinderhook Golf Course: Designed by Tom Weiskopf, Old Kinderhook Golf Course showcases a masterful blend of beauty and playability. This 18-hole course features immaculate fairways, intricate bunkers, and undulating greens, ensuring a delightful round of golf in a tranquil setting.
  • The Ridge Golf Course: Offering panoramic views of the Ozarks, The Ridge Golf Course boasts an impressive layout that tests golfers’ abilities. With its perfectly manicured fairways and challenging water hazards, this course promises a memorable and scenic golfing experience.

When it comes to golfing in Camdenton, MO, these top-rated courses exemplify excellence in terms of design, maintenance, and overall experience. Whether you visit for a leisurely game or a competitive round, these courses are sure to leave a lasting impression on any golfer.

Golf Courses near Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Lake of the Ozarks, located in Missouri, offers a variety of scenic and challenging golf courses for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Here are some notable golf courses you can explore:

Course NameDescriptionContact Information
Osage National Golf ResortA premier 27-hole golf resort with beautiful lake views, lush fairways, and challenging holes.Phone: (573) 365-1950
The Ridge Golf CourseA well-maintained course nestled among rolling hills, providing a unique and enjoyable golfing experience.Phone: (573) 365-8544
The Oaks Golf CourseA picturesque 18-hole course featuring tree-lined fairways, challenging water hazards, and immaculate greens.Phone: (573) 348-8522

If you’re an avid golfer visiting the Lake of the Ozarks area, these courses provide scenic beauty and exciting challenges to enhance your golfing experience. It’s recommended to contact the respective courses for further information, tee time reservations, and any additional details you may need.

Camdenton MO Golf Course Reviews

Golf courses in Camdenton, Missouri offer a variety of options for golf enthusiasts. Here is a brief overview of some of the popular golf courses in the area:

Golf CourseLocationDescription
Old KinderhookCamdentonOld Kinderhook is a renowned golf resort, featuring an 18-hole course designed by Tom Weiskopf. The course offers scenic views of the Lake of the Ozarks and provides a challenge for golfers of all skill levels.
Lake Valley Country ClubCamdentonLake Valley Country Club boasts an 18-hole championship golf course that incorporates natural terrain and water features. It offers a rewarding golfing experience with its well-maintained fairways and greens.
The Club at Porto CimaCamdentonThe Club at Porto Cima presents a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks. This challenging layout combines strategic design elements with breathtaking scenery.

If you’re planning to visit Camdenton, MO for a golfing getaway, these courses provide excellent options for a memorable golfing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, each course offers unique features and challenges to keep you engaged on the golf course.

Remember to check the websites of these golf courses for more information on tee times, green fees, and any special events or promotions they may offer. Enjoy your golfing adventure in Camdenton, MO!

Camdenton MO Golf Course Fees

Golf enthusiasts in Camdenton, Missouri have access to several golf courses that offer a range of amenities and challenging playing conditions. These courses provide a variety of fee options based on factors such as membership status, time of play, and the course’s facilities.

When it comes to golf course fees in Camdenton, MO, they can vary depending on the specific course you choose. Typically, golf courses in the area have different fee structures for residents and non-residents. Residents often enjoy discounted rates compared to visitors from outside the local area.

The fee structure for most golf courses in Camdenton includes options for daily play, weekly passes, monthly memberships, and annual memberships. Daily play fees are generally the highest, while longer-term memberships tend to offer more cost-effective options for avid golfers.

Additionally, some golf courses in Camdenton may offer special discounts for seniors, juniors, or military personnel as a way to promote inclusivity and support the community.

To obtain accurate and up-to-date information about specific golf course fees in Camdenton, it is recommended to visit the official websites of the golf courses or contact them directly. This ensures you have the most current details regarding pricing, availability, and any ongoing promotions.

Whether you are a resident or visitor, Camdenton MO provides golfers with a range of courses and fee options, allowing individuals to choose an experience that suits their preferences and budget.

Golf Lessons in Camdenton, MO

Camdenton, Missouri offers excellent opportunities for golf enthusiasts to improve their skills through professional golf lessons. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player aiming to fine-tune your technique, Camdenton has a range of top-notch golf instructors and facilities to cater to your needs.

One notable golf instruction facility in Camdenton is the Camdenton Golf Academy. They provide comprehensive golf lessons for players of all levels, from juniors to adults. Their team of qualified instructors focuses on various aspects of the game, including swing mechanics, putting, chipping, and course strategy.

When it comes to learning golf in Camdenton, you can expect a personalized approach tailored to your specific needs and goals. These lessons typically involve both individual and group sessions, allowing you to receive valuable feedback and interact with fellow golfers who share your passion.

Moreover, Camdenton offers a picturesque backdrop for golf lessons, with lush green fairways and scenic views that enhance the overall learning experience. The golf courses in the area are well-maintained and designed to challenge players at different skill levels.

If you’re interested in taking golf lessons in Camdenton, MO, it’s recommended to book in advance as availability may vary. Contact the Camdenton Golf Academy or other local golf facilities to inquire about their lesson packages, pricing, and scheduling options.

  • Key Benefits of Golf Lessons in Camdenton, MO:
    • Professional instructors catering to all skill levels
    • Individualized attention and personalized training
    • Opportunities for group practice and interaction with fellow golfers
    • Picturesque courses enhancing the learning environment
    • Variety of lesson packages to choose from

Embark on your golfing journey in Camdenton, MO, and take advantage of the exceptional golf lessons available. With expert guidance and a supportive golfing community, you’ll be well on your way to improving your game and enjoying the sport to the fullest.


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